Uterus tote bag

12 EUR

"Is that the Chicago Bulls logo?"

Yes, that comment has ACTUALLY been made (not ironically 😩 ). And no, sweetie, it's a GORGEOUS uterus tote bag, of course! To complement your everyday reproductive activism, this anatomically correct bag is the perfect conversation starter.

Front: 3 rows of 4 uteruses each
Back: Revolutionary, Female Health, Now You Know, Femtech, Educational, Compassion, Pushing research forward, Empowering, Confident, www.helloclue.com

- 100% organic, fair trade cotton
- Natural, non-bleached bag
- 15 in / 38 cm (width), 16.5 in / 42 cm (height), 27.5 in / 70 cm (handles)

- red, royal blue, green, navy blue
- (Want more? Just email store@helloclue.com to share your opinion!)